"Amber was the perfect addition to our team. My husband and I are very happy to have had her right there by our side!"
- Traca Bates Carroll

"She is smart, confident, and easy to talk to and will do everything in her power to help you have the birth experience you want!"
- Kayla Aguilera

What my clients say


Aloha, my name is Amber and I am a Doula.

A lot of people are unsure about what exactly it is that doulas do. To put it plainly, we serve women. My job does not begin at conception and does not end when a family goes home from the hospital. My job is 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and involves every person I ever come into contact with. My goal is to empower women. When a woman is empowered through the birth process she gains an unshakable confidence in who she is as a person. That feeling does not end when their baby is born, or even when their baby graduates high school. That confidence will fill her for the rest of her life and she will pass it on to her children and inspire anyone she meets.

When women are empowered through their birth, the worldwill change.

I offer a wide range of doula and birth services. I am a labor and postpartum doula. I also offer placenta encapsulation, Bengkung belly binding, and custom order snack packages for nursing moms.